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Find Your Career Path Through Y-Path!

Confused about your career? Y-Axis has created a solution called Y-Path, to provide you with the best guidance possible. Our counseling services are so accurate and up to date, that your career establishment process will be simplified to a great extent. Consulting Y-Path is the first step in your career establishment.

Our Unique Services

Y-Path immigration counseling will introduce you to many opportunities that can be useful to you. Our process starts with understanding your interests and finding a match for it, in the professional market. We tell you whether you are eligible for a certain job or not. In case you are not eligible, we help you gain eligibility.

With the expertise that we have gained, we tell you whether you can study, work or migrate abroad. Out SWOT analysis will tell you your potential along with the opportunities that await you abroad. Our strategy will give you Y-Path recommendations and requisites in accordance with your profile. Along with this, you can also find counseling for overseas education here.

The service is not all new. It is being offered by the Y-Axis for long time and has many Y-Axis Reviews in this regard.

A Simple Process

Once the payment is made, you will receive a mail, scheduling an interview. This is could be through email or an introduction call as it is described. Following this is a telephonic interview, which will analyze your profile. You will receive a report of this analysis in 3-5 working days. Talking to your immigration consultant can be very useful at this point.

The consultant will study your report and answer all your queries and helps you act on the options recommended for you. So, whether you have just passed 10 grade, want to pursue a bachelor’s degree abroad or you want to establish a successful business in the country of your choice, Y-Path is the best guide for you. Consulting our counselors will help you be sure of a successful career ahead.  Consult Y-Axis for the most accurate career advice.

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