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The Multiple Reasons for Good Y-Axis Reviews

When you come to Y-Axis for immigration services, you give yourself the best you can have in India. The clients we have had since our establishment in 1999 would agree with us in this regard. We stand out of the crowd of the immigration service providers by giving the best that you can have.

Know us better

When you visit our website, to get an understanding of the multiple services that we offer to our clients, you will find how widespread and accurate we are, in giving you exactly what you need. At Y-Axis, we have appointed experts in every field, who understand each and every requirement of our clients.

Our services range from concierge of your documents to preparation and submission of your visa application. Having said that, we inform our clients before taking up their case that, the acceptance or rejection of the visa application is completely at the discretion of the visa officer.

How we protect you

Y-Axis cannot be held responsible in case your visa is rejected. However, we take all the care to prevent that from happening. We prepare your profile based only on the information provided by you. So you will never be worried about the manipulation of information with us. We also take care of other possibilities of fraud, through a reliable anti fraud policy .

Other services provided by our company include job searching, resume writing, holiday packages and many more things. You can also rely on us for a suitable decision according to your profile.

According to this policy our clients are ensured a receipt of all financial transactions with us. It is a unique identity of our transparency and loyalty towards them. We discourage our clients from indulging in any financial transactions with any of our individual employees. In case any client goes ahead with this, despite warning, the company cannot be held responsible.

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