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How Y-Axis keeps safe distance from frauds

Fraudulent practices abound in all aspects of life. Keeping this in mind, Y-Axis also takes precautions that they do not make way into its offerings as well. So, Y-Axis frauds are to be avoided at any cost.

To counter malfeasances of any kind, the No. 1 immigration and visa consultancy, Y-Axis, follows certain guidelines. Apart from inculcating integrity into its employees, it has a robust anti-fraud policy in place as well.

This is also a service that is in the company’s slew of offerings. Although this service is not asked or requested by its clients, Y-Axis offers it without fail because it feels it is its duty as a conscientious company to do so.

These principles along with hard work and its customer-centric policies have made the company one of the world’s leading immigration services and overseas job placement organisations which has 35 branches and 1100 plus workforce all over the planet.

Its counsellors, process consultants, immigration consultants and other employees who work in fields such as résumé writing, résumé marketing, concierge and English language coaching also ensure that no questionable practices exist within their respective teams.

For instance, whenever the company hires an employee, it undertakes extensive research of his/her background. Capabilities alone don’t count if they are not backed by impeccable ethics.

Moreover, it is important for Y-Axis to serve each of its clients in such a manner that they come back to the company if they need the same type of services. Did you know that the popularity of Y-Axis surged because of its word-of-mouth publicity rather than due to its advertisements? It is a fact that satisfied clients of Y-Axis have suggested its name to their friends and relatives so much so that 45,000 people walk into its offices each day.

It must be said here that it requires courage to offer services in an incorruptible way. The company also requests its clients to report instances of where employees have tried to convince them to cut corners.

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