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Y-Axis Provides Immunity to Fraud!

When it comes to immigration process, trust no one else but Y-Axis. As you read further, you will find a lot of information in support of this statement. Our anti fraud policy is the foremost among them. We value our customers the most and their satisfaction is our prime objective. Following this objectives we have gained positive Y-Axis Reviews, which we are proud of.


Our anti fraud policy is structured in such a way that, Y-Axis Fraud will never be among your issues of concern. A better understanding of our anti fraud policy will reveal that we fallow all the legal procedures to keep our clients away from any kind of deceit. To start with, we give you a receipt of all transactions you make at Y-Axis.

Although there is no way we can go wrong in this aspect, Y-Axis has provided an email for you to get in touch with us, in case something goes wrong. Apart from this, we also take care to warn our clients against making any individual payments to the employees of Y-Axis. In such a situation the company is not responsible for any fraud.


This transaction remains exclusively between the client and the individual employee. We take care to work on your processing, only with the documents you give us access to. This part of the policy prevents us from meddling with any of your legal papers. So, whatever you provide is 100% for us. Unless there is a miscommunication, there won’t be any fraud.

Y-Axis, is only concerned with familiarizing you with the opportunities available for you. We do not guarantee your placement into any firm. Our responsibility does not extend beyond bringing you closer to the opportunity. You can trust Y-Axis for all your immigration needs.

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  • I am glad to say that I received my PR VISA for Australia this week, Y-Axis helped me in each and every process, their consultants especially Uma and Sampath was very proactive and mindful in their approach. They replied to me for each of my queries and the overall procedure just took 6 months. I recommend Y-Axis to all who are looking for Immigration.


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